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  1. So I tried tried the 5.2 approach. It worked! Thank you very much SBV3000! Now trying to upgrade again to 6.1
  2. Due to some upgrade/downgrade issues of Xpenology, I am now faced with the fact that also the 5.2 (5.2 booloader, which have worked fine on 1GB) and the 6.1 versions (1.02b bootloader) have given me the 'alert' that my LAN connection was a 10/100 one. My guess is that it is the IPMI connection. So it could be two things: my 2 Intel 210 NIC's aren't recognized. But I saw in this forum that the 2 NIC's worked with the 1.02b bootloader, without the custom lzimage, right? Or it could be that my IPMI settings aren't correct anymore, since I updated to the BMC 00.35 version? So could someone please tell me what the best settings are for all the network/bonk/link menu's? I had it working with the eth0 and 1 settings, thanks to this forum. But now they have 'shared LAN' and dedicated LAN choices. So now I'm confused all over again. Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. First of all, thank you for your reply SBV3000! I will try the clean drive downgrade. I used it to try to downgrade to 6.1, and since i tried multiple times i got really acquianted with it. I didn't come to the point to even select the update options in the install fase and/or disable them in the config panel. I just pressed 'install' during the installation phase. Where I should have selected 'manual installation'. My guess is by pressing 'install' it automatically installs the latest software version right from synology. (But as mentioned, i'm most certainly no expert on the xpenology topic). And thanks for the upgrade tip. As I mentioned, I already had a working 6.1 version on a clean disk. And I also saw the HDD's being added as I plugged them in. So most of the hardware is ok and working under 6.1The only thing that wasn't ok, was that it mentioned that i had only a 10/100MB LAN connection. I have a asrock C2750D4I board, with 2x the Intel i210. And I've set it to share the LAN. Maybe it's also smart to figure out which settings would work the best. But I will start another topic for that if I can't find the answer here. I will let you know the outcome of the 5.2 downgrade trial.
  4. Hello, I've had a stable DSM 5.2 running for quite a while now. So I thought it was a good idea to upgrade it to 6.1.7. Also, because there is a good tutorial for that (i'm not that much of an expert, but have always managed with the help of this forum and not trying to have the lastest versions). It all went very smooth, until the point where I needed to install. An that's where I screwed up. It wasn't that clear in the tutorial, but I forgot to install manually. I was to quick to press install, so when it didn't ask for the DS image, I thought 'uh oh'. So now I've got a system which is bricked at 6.2-23739. But I can't get it to downgrade to 6.1. So just to make it extra clear: I didn't accidentally upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2, but it went wrong during my upgrade from 5.2.Off course I've scanned the forum for the various downgrade solutions; the extra disk an the migration options (to DS3617XS or with the 5.2 bootloader). They mostly speak of a 6.1 previous version. So what have I tried: - The migration options, without an extra HDD -> Did not work. When I am on the 6.1 3617XS synology assistant doesn't find it. And every other migration option (off course with consistently re-imaging the bootloader) constantly gave me the error that I needed to update beyond the 23739 version (10) error code. - I've tried multiple times to downgrade with the empty extra HDD via the following route: Boot with 5.2 install / upgrade option Install 6.1 from tutorial Reboot with 'fresh' 1.02b Jun bootloader Migrate This works as long as I have only the extra HDD. Then I can get a working 6.1 version without volume, which I can restart, shut down, etc. But the trouble comes when I plug my original HDD's. Not on SATA 0, but above. Then it always goes to restore, and then i'm back at 6.2 and have to start all over again. From the various tutorials i've tried the following with a working 6.1: - Plug the HDD's while the system was still running. They were visible, but 'unusable'. The tutorial said to reboot... but then -> restore option from the synology web assistant. I can't login. - Turned it off; plugged them in, restarted: then they are migratable, but after the reboot: again restore. - I've also tried only my 4 HDD's, without the extra SSD; no change. I'm now lost and don't know what to do anymore. I run a C2750 board with 16 GB ECC RAM and 4x3TB disks and a 250GB SSD for downloading.Maybe the only thing mentionable is that the C2750 has 4 SATA 3 ports of which 2 are SATA_0 and SATA_1, then 4 times SATA 2, which are SATA_2 to 5.(And the the other 2 SATA 3; SATA_M0 and M1) My original setup was the SSD on SATA_0, SATA_1 empty and the HDD's on SATA_2 to 5. But with the extra HDD, it is know on SATA_0, the SSD is on SATA_1, but the HDD drives are then still on SATA_2 to 5. I don't know if this could influence the downgrade? But please help me out. What am I doing wrong? Thank you very much for your help!!