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  1. I've just received my Node 804, looks good, though I have been unable to find any of the additional drive bays, they are out of stock on the Fractal Design site, doesn't look like they will make any more. Curious if anyone has made their own ? I've designed a frame using Vectric Aspire software to take the drives but i'll need to work out how to mount these in the case. anyone who's DIY'd these let me know any points to look out for. Please continue to update this thread with other case options, there are some great options in the responses above. thanks all
  2. #pmchan I am interested in the custom rack with 4 slots, on the motherboard side of the case. Can you please point me to the custom rack, that would be ideal, and do you have any fans on it or using internals. I'm also looking at putting in a SATA to M.2 card as I have a 500GB Crucial M.2 which I'm looking to re-use likely to contain ESXi? Thanks all, maybe I or someone can consolidate the chat about cases into a sticky article ?
  3. Thanks for sharing, there is a lot of info on the site around configuring Mobo's, and software, DSM etc. but where we store our hardware is just as important. Finding a case, with good airflow, able to cool the drives means longevity. A NAS drive will cook and have a reduced life without adequate cooling. Please continue to share your case types, I think I will go for the Node 804 as I have a mobo suitable (P8Z68-m Pro with 32GB RAM) with a PCIe SATA 8 port card. I will likely build it using ESXi as I am thinking of installing a TV card in a second VM.
  4. Hello all I am using Jun's loader, 918+ with DSM6.2 x on ASUS Maxiumus VI mobo, running an i5 with 16GB RAM and 6 various HDD 3,4,5TB, successfully, in the end happy with the result, many thanks for your work Jun. I have everything running in a Bitfennix case, but i'm looking for a dedicated case with removable drive bays, either 8 or 12 bays. I have looked at these Silverstone 380 Case Silverstone 381 Case Antec P101 Silent Mid-Tower ATX Case Fractal Design Node 804 mATX Case I'm wondering what cases others are using, or can you recommend one
  5. Hi Just letting others know of a successful install of 918+ with DSM6.2 x on ASUS Maxiumus VI mobo, running an i5 with 16GB RAM and 6 various HDD 3,4,5TB. I had previously been running on a gigabyte mobo using 3617 but one cock of the leg by a visiting dog, killed the board (not a happy chappy). had to do a full install again but it kept my data, though one drive is degraded, and will need replacing. in the end the 918 was easy to do using jun's loader 1.04b setup using the XPENOLOGY TOOL V1.4.2 (Thanks @jensmander)
  6. So far I have tried deleting every single partition (there were a 2Gb and 2.4GB partition on each drive.) all were deleted. I have changed SATA ports. restarted the install and when I get to do the manual part of installing the PAT file, it errors out and says I have a corrupted Pat file. I have downloaded this from multiple sites and tried all 5 PAT files. none of them load. DSM 5.2-5592 PAT download 3ac1644e147a4d870ddc94eec6903c89 DSM 5.2-5592 Update-1 PAT download ead9379e86711c834918ecd73263474c DSM 5.2-5592 Update-2 PAT download f478724a1af8e2d54d3b760b67cce628 DSM 5.2-5592 Updat
  7. I've been using this Pat file, and it fails to load during setup of synology assistant. I need to wipe the existing setup, I have nothing installed on my drives yet. Clearly I'm still doing something wrong, but what ?
  8. Hi Icest0rm I am trying to use 5592 and it keeps upgrading to 5644, and I cannot download the 5592 Pat file.
  9. Can anyone tell me what the heck I've done wrong... I finally found some compatible H/W (ASUS P55 Mobo), and have a bunch of drives (5Tb, 4Tb, 3 x 3Tb) I made a test system using an old 250Gb drive, it worked successfully. I then moved the mobo into the box with all the drives and I guess made a mistake in installing 5.2-5644 DSM. I tried to create disk groups or volume and it errors out with "Connection Failed. please check your network settings" When I try to install 5592 it appears to load successfully, however whein I start Synology assistant, it appears to upgrade to 5644.