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    And i'll start by myself System name: HP Microserver NL40L Ethernet: Onboard Microserver Gigabit + x1 PCIE Realtek 8111E RAM: 8gb (totally overkill, ill be taking 4gb soon from it) # Disk capacity: 5 internal bays (esata port not used) Bios settings required: You need to update your BIOS to the modified one that enables port 5-6 as AHCI sata. You also need to touch BIOS a bit to fit your needs. (i've set all bays to external so i can hot-plug them) Extra hardware needed (if needed): I had to add a HD dock to the optical drive bay to get the 5th disk (cheap one from amazon) Nothing else. I replaced the fans (both psu and outtake) to quiet the box a bit Install method: Followed nighthawk guide as in this post http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6. Since i'm using 3tb disks i can't boot from the hard disks, so i need to use a USB (internal header) to boot. Files involved: Go look the thread, my files are probably outdated.
  2. emaf

    Golden Builds

    #HARDWARE LIST 0 - Most popular/easy setup. 1 - New hardware (Hardware no older than 2-3 years) 2 - Legacy hardware (Builds with hardware base older than 2-3 years, usually builds made of recycled parts)
  3. emaf

    Golden Builds

    Hello all. At some other forums, i've always found interesting to find some sort of recommended/tested hardware for reference. I know you can guess it from the posts in this forum by diggin into them, but maybe it's a good idea to set up a list here too. If you think this is too a good idea, contribute! Template for hardware submission: //* Suggestions welcome, this is just a 1st approach System name (or motherboard name): Ethernet: RAM: # Disk capacity: Bios settings required: Extra hardware needed (if needed): Install method (you can provide link or a short description): Files involved (it would be nice to have the files linked here):
  4. I thought the usb drives were ruined every time you have to restart the microserver. Am i wrong? Or is it that you have created a new volume in that USB drive (hence the system partition is created by dsm there too...) give me a bit more of light please P.S. once the disk test finished, im getting sustained 100-105mb/s both reading and writing. nice!!!
  5. Hi, I've upgraded my microserveer with 5x3Tb RAID6. The machine is now testing the disks, also restoring the backup via USB. I was not expecting this to be that slow... i know its doing the parity check in background... but still... Anyway, since i'm using 3tb disks, i can't boot from any of them, so i'm using a USB drive to do so. Since i have the e-sata port free i was thinking if there is some sort of "esata thumb drive" that i can plug in the back and make it boot from there. anyone have the same setup and can share experience?
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if someone can point me to some fix for this. I'd like to have a local dns cache into my microserver/synology. i found syndnsmasq (http://syndnsmasq.the-ninth.com./) but DSM is not allowing me to install the package (latest available for microserver) any ideas?
  7. i guess this nas is based under ICHR7 wich is not directly compatible, although it can be done.
  8. wait for someone more experienced to assist... i don't see a reason for your board only showing 3gb...
  9. i have 8gb recognized (and working i guess... but i don't know how to fill them up) Your board is probably reserving some ammount of ram for the graphics. Could it be that you have 1gb vram in your BIOS??? EDIT: sorry, i missreaded, you have 8gb.... then it has to be that you are loading a 32bit kernel without PAE... but i dont see how is this possible...
  10. How important is to change mac adress and serial number? I'd seen a few posts with this, but i would like to know the internals. If this is stable enough i plan to have like 2 physical machines, and 4-5 virtual machines running DS. I'd like to know what is the better approach to this. (will be using ESXi probably) Also, what are your transfer speeds?
  11. i had the same issue, problem is that you are probably getting a different IP address. You can also have problem with the usb boot, since it seems it gets modified (and ruined) every time it reboots. I'm not the expert (i just managed to get it working yesterday) but this i would try, 1. Check for a different ip address in your browser (usually one up of the previuos one you had) 2. Re-write the USB drive with the .img of nighthawk I'm thinking in making a easy step by step guide to get this working, but i still need to understand a few things.
  12. Hi all, i just registered to give a BIG thankyou! Mi microserver is working nice, very easy to setup, both nics recognized... can't wait to push it. I'm getting around 88mb/s on my gigabit network. I suppose i can't get much more from my disks anyway. What are your speeds?
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