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  1. Most Realtek PCI 8168 NIC need to use r8169.ko thx for your help
  2. 3202 seens to be not support your lan chips i have tested realtek pci 8168,the lan chips also not work probarly in 3202.
  3. the mb bios has set "512MB" RAM to onboard display function oh,DSM is 32bit OS/kernal? if the os is 32bit only,i think my system only install 1 pcs of 4G RAM is more valueable thank you for your reply. but the 3202 boot image req a 64bit cpu to boot.so i'm not sure that image is 32 bit or 64 bit.
  4. ASROCK E350M1 USB3 ,it's work sata running in ide/achi mode also work fine.
  5. how many GB ram of DSM 4.2 3202 support? i have a asrock e350m1,2*4G RAM running the xpenology 4.2.3202. the dsm 4.2 system info only show 3072 mb ram. but my mb bios already detect 8G RAM correctly. is it the dsm not support >4G RAM? thank you sorry for my bad english.