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  1. I know that hardware trascoding only solves the performance issue, if there is any.That's what I meant. I will test whether the software transcoding is enough for me in terms of performance. Otherwise I would have to switch to the 4th generation. I don't think I will need more than one stream.
  2. Hi, thank you for the detailed answer and looking for details. Then it really doesn't make sense to try it with my cpu. In the meantime I have retrieved my hdd and have got it running with DS3617xs. After I have activated the software transcoding for audio and video in the media server, could my TV play some files, but not all, some of avi files are still not working. i also have plex installed, but unfortunately it cannot see/index any video files at all. I have not yet had time to look further for the cause. I will try it with plex and if it doesn't work either, I will proba
  3. I'm looking for a solution without an external player
  4. Ok, i will try sw transcoding, maybe it will be enough GPU encoding ist probably not so easy or i will find a solition for the 916+ problem
  5. I do not want to use an external player on my tv, therefore hw transcoding idea. Yes, i can install plex on my tv, but i thought plex needs hw transcoding on the dsm side? What is PMS in this context? Yes, dlna or something else to stream different videos to my tv or other devices
  6. Just a DLNA on a Samsung tv. Is there a better way?
  7. But maybe I'm misunderstanding something. I need the hw transcoding for my TV, it supports only few codecs and I wanted to solve this problem with hw transcoding. Or can some synology app also help?
  8. Hello guys, i have some Problems with my Realtek RTL8111E (i3 3220T). I'm trying to put Jun's loader v1.02b DS916+ on it (because of HW Transcoding, for 918+ is my cpu too old), tried already extra.lzma for ds916+ v4.8 from this topic. Can someone help me pls? All details can be found in my post:
  9. thx for your support. i have tried it with extra.lzma for ds916+ v4.8 from your link, unfortunately the device is now not even recognized by my router, although my nic is in the list. really strange. I just tried it with Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3617xs and the device was found by the synology wizard. I could not test it further yet because my new hdd has not arrived yet. I will post my problem now in this thread, maybe someone can help me
  10. Thx for your feedback. I have found this compatibility list too, therefore i switched already to Jun's loader v1.02b DS916+ but synology assistant still can't see it, so i have no chance to install dsm. Maybe you have some hint for me? How can i debug the problem? Is there some log or something? How can i check a nic connection?
  11. Noone? Is it possible to check the nic functionality in bootloader mode? I can see it in my router, but can not ping it from my pc
  12. Hello, I am new here and hope for your help. Like everyone here, I wanted to build a NAS based on xpenology. For this purpose I have bought a small old computer with Gigabyte H61N Board, 4GB RAM and i3 3220T CPU (NIC: Realtek RTL8111E) Because I need HW transcoding and wanted to start with the current version directly, i took Jun's Loader v1.04b for DS918+. The computer booted, but I could not see the device in my avm router and Synology Assitent could not find it either. After many attempts with extra.lzma/extra2.lzma (0.8_syno ds918+/0.8_std ds918+), the device appeared i