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  1. i'm wondering can i start create volume and copying files into the hard disk while the server is checking for parity consistency?
  2. today, the hard disk with 4 bad sectors has failed and need to be replaced. luckily i haven't really started restoring the files into the server. I have removed the RAID group and redo the process without the failed disk.
  3. i usually replace the hard disk when the server gave me error in red. anyway, thanks. I will replace it when I have the means.
  4. thanks for your response. since RAID 5 is 1-disk fault tolerance, will it be too late if I continue to use it until the server advice me to replace it?
  5. I just did a fresh install of DSM 6.1. While creating a RAID 5 group, there is an alert that it found 4 bad sectors in one of the hard disk. However, the status shows the system is healthy and the hard disk is normal. I am wondering is it still save to continue with the RAID 5 parity consistency check or should I cancel the whole thing and replace the hard disk and rebuild again?
  6. You need a compatible network switch. I am using TP-Link TL-SG2216 and you can see how I did it at ... 16-switch/
  7. I have this weird problem. Whenever I start my downloads in Download Station, the internet connection keeps dropping. I can see in my router, the internet has disconnected. I have tried downloading using Transmission (installed via SynoCommunity) and it does not have similar problem. I also tried using uTorrent in my other PC in the same network and it works as well. I am using DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2 and Download Station version 3.5-2638 I am wondering does anyone faced the same problem?
  8. No, I haven't try it and I'm going to try now. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Hi, I'm running DSM 5.0-4528 Update 1 and I'm having problem backing up my MariaDB databases via the "Backup & Replication" tool. It always failed. The log says "Local Backup task [] failed to export applications to [VOLUME] Anyone experiences this as well?
  10. hi haze, you can refer to my guide at
  11. Congrats. I don't have such luck tho. The built in Wifi on my GIGABYTE GA-H97N-WIFI Motherboard is still not working. Keep asking me to insert a USB Wi-Fi adapter.
  12. Hi, Environment: ~ I am using GIGABYTE GA-H97N-WIFI Motherboard and running on DSM 5.0-4528 Update 1. ~ I am staying in a country with timezone GMT+8 ~ I have enabled Sync with NTP server in DSM. Objective: I want my server to auto shutdown and startup at certain time everyday. Problem: Everytime I reboot my server, the clock in my BIOS will always reset to time equivalent to GMT+0. This will screw up the auto startup setting in my DSM. Workaround: Since I found no solution in this forum, I decided to achieve my objective with this workaround. ~ I remove the auto Star
  13. thanks jayal1972 for the head up. i will definitely look into this when I free.
  14. I'm using this board in my build and I still cannot find a way to make the build in Wifi to work.
  15. I have an old fax modem PCI card installed in my NAS. Since it is ON almost 24 hours everyday, I am thinking of using it to manage all incoming faxes. I don't need to send faxes. I just need to receive them. I have googled for solution but I couldn't find any. Has anyone tried this? Does it has the necessary driver? Is there any third party software that I can install in the DSM? It will be amazing if the software can forward the faxes in PDF file via email.