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  1. For sure I should upgrade my hardware. But I’m still worried about the nanoboot vm: loading the kernel and doing nothing (DSM not even deploy) uses 5 times more CPU on my host than all my others vm (with many services running): For example: - Freebsd 8.x : 40MHz when idle - Ubuntu 11.4: 20MHz when idle - Windows 2012: 10MHz when idle I don’t like to waste energy Could you guys check host CPU usage when idle with the vpshere client ?
  2. Hi, Thanks to this guide, I'm now running nanoboot on my ESXi 5.1 perfectly. Just one point is frustrating me: the vm is consuming around 500MHz of CPU all the time. I can see that on vsphere client, even the guest system is idle (99,6% idle from a “top” command in the console), there is still 500MHz on the host. This is even more than a windows guest (around 100MHz on idle) Actually, I noticed this behavior at the end of the step 4, before installing DSM 5.0. So I guess something in nanoboot is over consuming CPU. My host CPU is a “old” Intel Core 2 Duo. Do you think it can be relate to missing instructions or something?