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  1. Hi, Found the mistake. I needed to add the to the usb drive. Then moved the i915.ko to the /usr/lib/modules/ overwritting the existing one and then /dev/dri showed up and works in docker handbrake. I know that I loose 8 threads (I've disable hyperthreading) but I gain gpu transcoding. This is a plex storage box so gpu acceleration is worht more then just 8 threads. With cpu transcoding you can get 2-4 transcodes. With quicksync 8-16. Also the cpu was cheaper then a real 8 core cpu. It is also just 35TDP which saves on the powerbill.
  2. Hi, I've got a intel 9900T processor and trying to get hardware decoding to work. Got a valid 918 S/N and mac addresses. I've downloaded SHA256: EC2447F47FEE6457FE3F409E26B83E5BF73023310E10A624575A822FDBC10642 and replaced my i915.ko driver with the downloaded one. Rebooted but still no dev/dri I am missing something anyone has a clue?
  3. I ran an LSI 9305 24 port in vmware. The drive mapping was quit ok. 1,2,4,3,5,6,8,7 etc. but now I run it baremetal all drives just end up next to eachother. So if you enter 5 drives you've got 1,2,3,4,5 no longer depending on where they were put. The parameters of the boot file were the same. Onboard sata drives have been disabled. Can anyone explain this behaviour?
  4. Anyone got this to work? Use nvidia to transcode using plex?
  5. Ok I just moved the bootloader disk to start at 24 so that is fixed using the DiskIdxMap=19 sata_args in the grub.conf But now I have something strange. The LSI9305 is connected to my 4u hotswap drives. So I 6 rows of 4 disk for a total of 24 hotswaps. The first row and first disk is number 1 in xpenology. The first row and the second disk is number 2 in xpenology The first row and the third disk is number 4 in xpenology The first row and the forth disk is number 3 in xpenology. So the last 2 column are swapped and this on every row.
  6. Hi, I run the 1.03 loader with DS3617xs with dsm DSM 6.2.3-25426. I passthrough my LSI9305 controller. I've changed the maxdisk setting to 25 (24 of the controller and 1 of the vmdk for the loader) Can I hide the loader from the disk management? Also the loader disk is called disk 13. Should I change the sata_args of the loader to: SataPortMaps=1444444 instead of 1 Any help is appreciated!
  7. try "chmod -R 777 /dev/dri" does it then work? Could be a permission problem.
  8. The performance hit I know. I've got the extra files for the i915 for the hd630 I have the LSI 9305 card but I've ran 3617 with it and had my raid 1 SSD fail 2 times in 1 week. First a read error on the first ssd. And within the hour a read error on the second. Will my SHR-1 had no problem (Spinning disks) Also a problem that I faced with the lsi is that the numbering of disk depends on how fast which disk started. So my first disk could be the second disk after reboot. And this could be a problem when I have more than 12 disks.
  9. Hi, I've currently updating my 4u 24 port (8087 sas connection) hot swap server to: With an Intel i9-9900T (Engineering sample 1,7Ghz) 64Gb ram. especially to run plex with intel quicksync. Used to have a lsi 9305 24port IT mode card in my xs3617 build. But I like to do some more video dockers and vm's. Currently having only RAID 1 of 2 SSD SHR-1 of 3x8TB RAID 1 of 2x2TB but my previous server had RAID 1 of 2 SSD RAID 5 of 10x2TB RAID 1 of
  10. Anyone can recommened a hba with 16/24 ports which is supported by DS918? Need one card becaus I only have 1xPCIE3 16x, 2x PCIE3 4x