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    DSM 6 Boot Image for Hyper-V

    OK, much easier: create and flash a .vhd file with Etcher. Now looking for the DEC driver for my VM.
  2. disone

    DSM 6 Boot Image for Hyper-V

    I got it to boot under Hyper-V. No network yet! But you'll need a sata drive for that. I used Etcher in dangerous mode to write the .img file to a 16GB SSD (salvaged from a Thin Client) Attached the drive to my Windows 2016 server via a Sharkoon SATA to USB converter. Offlined the disk in Windows Disk Management Created a new Hyper-V VM with the offline disk as a boot device Powered on the device and.... Alas, no networking yet.
  3. disone

    gnoboot & DSM 5.0-4482 - Experiences?

    Got two XPenology's now. Just installed DSM 5.0-4493 Update 2 as per above site (xpenology.nl) on an old Laptop to see if it will run. And, to my suprise, it does. Pretty good too. Only thing not working is the WiFi adapter. My purpose for the laptop is to use it as my NAS on holiday, so I can stow some movies on it for me and my kids with their tablets, use it as a storage for my camera and as an access point/dhcp for a local LAN while away and maybe in the car.