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    How to install XPEnology

    Install Synology assistant on PC and run it. It will detect new Diskstation as unconfigured and not installed. Install the .pat file, wait until reboot and use browser from PC to connect to DSM for managing it. Remove monitor and keyboard from NAS and leave the USB flash drive inserted for next reboots. ah yup got it, thanks now to work out how to RAID 5 edit: looks like its that by default
  2. walktexranga

    How to install XPEnology

    Mega-noob here... I have an N36L with 4 x 3TB HDD.. I installed the image onto usb key.. wacked in my n36L.. it booted off it, asks me for username and password?? How do I also install Synology assist? do I do that on the NAS or on a pc and transfer over lol very lost.. Am I supposed to do anything on a VM?