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  1. Hi! Do you guys use e-sata? I've tried Nanoboot on several machines and I always have this issue. I can map shares, can open and delete files but I can't copy over files to shares hosted on e-sata drives. Usbshare and volumes are OK. I only modify internalportcfg (0x1) and esataportcfg (0x3e) with vi in synoinfo.conf in both etc and etc.defaults folders by putty. With DSM 4.3 e-sata works fine. Tried with Gigabyte, Asus, Asrock mobos, all UEFI. Did I miss something to configure? Thanks, ampie
  2. Hi folks! I'm totally new here. I've managed to build a working NAS with 4.3-3827 Update 5 and it works fine. Now I'm trying to get this version to work and I have an issue. Setup and update is fine, I have one drive for an internal volume. I configured the other Sata ports to be eSata. In File Station I see Satashare1-1 and 4 more shares and I can copy from/to them, but when I try to copy a file into any share via LAN, operation fails - like some permission error. I, however, can delete files as well as open them. Any idea? Thanks!