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    How to install XPEnology

    Exactly!! Thank you so much!!
  2. chinote

    How to install XPEnology

    Leave it plugged in. Its needed for every reboot. After server start its not used until the next restart. Thank you for your answer XPEH, only one more question and I promise that I don't bother you more. I made the bootable USB, and i plug in and install de DSM, and everything is fine. Now, if I made another bootable USB, can I plug in in my computer without loose information? I wanna say if the computer, during the installation, the computer modifies the pen drive? Or it's the same all the time? If i plug a new USB the computer will still works like now? If I'm not very understable, please tell me and I make again the question with other words. Thank you in advance again.
  3. chinote

    How to install XPEnology

    First of all, excuse me for my bad english. I have a question. I made all the installation, and it's working in my proliant. Can i remove now the USB pendrive, or it need to be plugged always? Thank you in advance.