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  1. Thanks for clearing this for me... Now I made RAID10, and I get read speeds from 80-100MB/s, and also have good redundancy. Thanks.
  2. I recently "upgraded my" N54L xpenology setup with another disk and I made new volume (SHR2 - 2 disk redundancy). Setup is 4 1TB disks. I use XPEnoboot 5022.3 and DSM 5022 update 3. When I copy files from PC to NAS I get from 95-110 MB/s, but when I try to copy files other way I got from 20-60MB/s. Before I had 3 disks and used Nanoboot and DSM 5.0.4528 and SHR and I got speeds both aprx. the same up and down at 95-100MB/s. Can anyone point me in right direction to try to solve this "situation"? Thanks.
  3. Button mod from first page is not working on but IT IS working on!
  4. In this post are instructions:
  5. Thanks for information. I just installed Nanoboot - and it really works!
  6. I guess it's possible that some part of system was leftover ... I'm also no expert I did some more reading around internet, and it looks like there is really no ACPI support in nanoboot - so this is the issue. Thanks for your offer.
  7. I did fresh (first install) with nanoboot and DSM 5.0-4494 and then update 1. And button.ko was not present at all. So I copied button.ko, made all right permisions (CHMOD), did all steps required to get button working, restarted. If I list loaded modules now (LSMOD) - I get "button" listed, but "cat /proc/acpi/event" does not give any output when pressing power button.
  8. I would if I knew who is nanoboot developer and how to reach him ...
  9. Ah, so that's the problem ... not enabled ACPI in nanoboot ... So I guess I'll just have to wait for new version ob NB that will have this enabled ... Thanks for info.
  10. Andywhit sent me button.ko and I copied it to my system and I did everything as in your link. And it is not working for me... When is test acpi, I got no response when I push button... I guess you are nor having latest Dsm 5,0?
  11. Like I said... There is no button.ko in modules folder. I guess to add it I must recompile kernel?
  12. There is no button.ko on system - I did this already, I don't know much about linux, but if there's no button.ko in modules folder, 'button' can't load it, right?
  13. Hello to all. I'm trying to make power button work on HP N54L, so I can power off device with it ... I tried to follow steps to enable this on DSM 4.2 - but I got stuck. There is no button.ko module loaded in system. Can anybody get me some advice how to make this work? Thans in advance!