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  1. @IG-88 not interested on hardware transcoding, but for sure i will need speed and performance for file/folder sharing and different kinds of backups as mentioned. Much obliged for helping me find my way here!
  2. @IG-88 Many thanks for your feedback. I will take a look on the options you have given me here. The reason i choose mini-itx because of tight budget. But for sure i will re-review in the light of your example of GigaByte B365M-HD3
  3. @premikkoci have you tested J5005 with any XPE loader? Apprciate if you have any feedback on your judgement.
  4. Hello Gurus, I need your urgent help to do my own NAS, but i want to select the best motherboard that can handle file/folder shares as well as backups (Hyper Backups and Active Backup for business) and one Virtual MAchine (Win 10 or 7). That said, which MB would give me the best performance from the below ones. 1) ASROCK J3355 2) ASROCK J4005 3) ASROCK J4105 4) ASROCK J4205 (has two different SATA controllers, one of them is ASMedia ASM1061, support NCQ, AHCI and Hot Plug) 5) ASROCK J5005 forgot to mention that i intend to use DS3615xs with 4x 6TB drives in SHR volume or is it better to use DS918 for the sake of the above scope. For sure i would like to use the updated DSM 6.2.x, but if not, then i can use 6.1.x - has any one tested any of those MB with either loaders? which mother board will give best speed (read/write) with no processing bottle nicks for 15 users? @IG-88 can you help me choose plz?