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  1. Problem solved. Thanks to Techo Dad Life´s tutorials and me for reading Synology´s DSM helpguide more careful. The main problem was that i didn´t add the credentials values in the enviorment settings.
  2. I´m trying to run in Docker, and i can install it and get it to running so far so good. But when it comes to using multiply volumes and "set location" for files that is where i get into troubles with a "Cannot make save path" error/issues as a result. How do i come around that issue? I´m a total beginner when it comes to Docker (i'm mainly an experience 3rd party package user), so try and explain in a step by step guide if possible.
  3. By the definition "safe" i mean nobody from outside my LAN can gain rootacess to any connected devices on my LAN or the Xpenology server, just beacuse i'm lazy and running a Container/app in network Host mode.
  4. When i try to run a qBittorrent container in Docker with Bridge mode i get no connection. If i then switch to "Use the same network as Docker Host" aka Host i will get a connection. But the question i got are, is it safe or not to run a Container this way or should i create another network to run it on?
  5. I wan´t to use the old classic SHR as i already got a couple of harddrives filled with data , but as DS3615xs dont use SHR do i have to activate it on every harddrive that i add to the system? Or just den first one?
  6. So i got a AsRock x470 Taichi motherboard with 8x SATA ports in total, 6x AMD and 2x Marvell. I would like to use both controllers, so what should i change SataPortMap to?
  7. Just a simple yes or no answer really. Trying to search for the answers, but i could not find any.
  8. You need to save the changes while the synoboot.img i mounted, otherwise all changes you have done will be lost. In regards of the network you need to use the MAC adress for your Motherboards NIC otherwise network won´t work.
  9. Make sure you save the changes to the grub.cfg file in synoboot.img before dismount, otherwise no changes will be made. In regards of the MAC adress it needs to be for the NIC of the motherboard you are using.
  10. If you got yourself a second computer then i would suggest that you download Synology Assistant. it is more reliable then using your web browser and
  11. Thanks for the answer. I guess i've just to do another test run, but this time with a Ryzen systemet. i do belive my AsRock x470 taichi motherboard should solve the fan speed problem. As the fans can be controlled by either cpu or motherboard.
  12. Is there any possible way to regulate the fan speed in Xpenology? Last time i did a test run the cpu fan where blasting at full rpms although it was a PWM fan.