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  1. Make sure you save the changes to the grub.cfg file in synoboot.img before dismount, otherwise no changes will be made. In regards of the MAC adress it needs to be for the NIC of the motherboard you are using.
  2. If you got yourself a second computer then i would suggest that you download Synology Assistant. it is more reliable then using your web browser and
  3. Thanks for the answer. I guess i've just to do another test run, but this time with a Ryzen systemet. i do belive my AsRock x470 taichi motherboard should solve the fan speed problem. As the fans can be controlled by either cpu or motherboard.
  4. Is there any possible way to regulate the fan speed in Xpenology? Last time i did a test run the cpu fan where blasting at full rpms although it was a PWM fan.