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  1. Hi i have an msi h61m p23 b3, with two additional pcie-sata controller with marvel chipset first one and second one totally 12 x1GB 2.5" drive I have solved my troubles following this guide
  2. https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/17/post/58947 Reverse problem, for me, is it possible?
  3. Hi, i'm using ds3615 with 1.02 loader. I have a lot of files to transfer, i don't want to transfer trought the newtork, but using an esternal usb drive (ntfs). After coping all files, all of them have "modified date" different from the original files. FreeFileSync see these files different from the same files i have on another pc, and it want to replece them again! I think it is a unix related problem, not strictly to xpe, but if someone can help me, thanks!
  4. Hi, DS2617 can support 12 drives. I have 8x1TB drives, 4 on sata integrated ports and 4 on pcie controller. Is it normal they are shown in this way? Which is the reason of this representation, why they are not consecutive? I want to add 4 additional drive using another pcie card, i don't want any surprise..
  5. it is strange, becouse, i have used DSM_DS3615xs_23739 as you suggested, and my nic during this test is an Intel
  6. hi @IG-88, i 'm tring loader 1.03b for dsm 3615 but when system reboot, after the installation of dsm (using web interface), the contowrn is still running, i can ping it, but i can't access and complete the installation/setup. How can i check what's wrong?
  7. Ok, another noob question: can i install DSM on a usb stick? Following this guide i have to provide VID/PID: i suppose these params are about the usb stick i want install DSM to (not about the usb stick i use to boot the loader)..or not?
  8. I'm trying to use teraterm or putty, but which configuration have i to use? boud rate ecc..? ---- a few mins later---- ok, i can't connect by serial port, but i have successfully installed DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b How long does it take to go online? This time i went to dinner, and after that, i have run synlology assistant..and tadaaa..surprise! I want to try all other version now, but i have some other question for you: - i can use any synology DSM accorging to the right loader? or better: if i have 8 drive, can i use a D
  9. I have tried synology assistant but with the same results. My network infrastrucure is ok i have other pc connected by the same dhcp. I have booted this machine with a win10 live cd and all nics are up and working. My desktop is composed by: - Intel i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 cores) - mobo MSI h61m p23 (b3) chipset VIA® VT1708S and 4GB ram - integrated nic Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 - pcie nic tplink tg3468(un) - pcie nic intel pro 1000 pt - 8x1TB 2.5" drive, 4 connected on integrated sata port and 4 on sata3 pcie adapter (startech pexsat34rh) I have tried
  10. HI @IG-88, so if i can't find my desktop with mysynology is not becouse a wrong mac address, but my nic is not supported, is it right? I have tried also extra ramdisk but unsuccessfully, i can't see my desktop on the netwrork. I have found an Intel pcie card in the attic, i'll retry with this nic.
  11. Hi all, i'm following this site to install DSM on my desktop machine, i have one very very noob question, but reading this forum i have read some answer that confuse me: in grub, i have to write the mac address of my pc nic (i suppose), is it right? becouse i also read that i have to use instead an original synology mac address matching the serial number i had specified in my grub. Is it right or i'm wrong?