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  1. Hi, DS2617 can support 12 drives. I have 8x1TB drives, 4 on sata integrated ports and 4 on pcie controller. Is it normal they are shown in this way? Which is the reason of this representation, why they are not consecutive? I want to add 4 additional drive using another pcie card, i don't want any surprise..
  2. it is strange, becouse, i have used DSM_DS3615xs_23739 as you suggested, and my nic during this test is an Intel
  3. hi @IG-88, i 'm tring loader 1.03b for dsm 3615 but when system reboot, after the installation of dsm (using web interface), the contowrn is still running, i can ping it, but i can't access and complete the installation/setup. How can i check what's wrong?
  4. Ok, another noob question: can i install DSM on a usb stick? Following this guide i have to provide VID/PID: i suppose these params are about the usb stick i want install DSM to (not about the usb stick i use to boot the loader)..or not?
  5. I'm trying to use teraterm or putty, but which configuration have i to use? boud rate ecc..? ---- a few mins later---- ok, i can't connect by serial port, but i have successfully installed DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b How long does it take to go online? This time i went to dinner, and after that, i have run synlology assistant..and tadaaa..surprise! I want to try all other version now, but i have some other question for you: - i can use any synology DSM accorging to the right loader? or better: if i have 8 drive, can i use a DSM that natively works with only 4 drive? for ex: ds916 is 4 bay nas, can i install it even if i have 8 drive in my pc? - i have used loader DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b, i don't have changed anything, no PID/VID, but i have installed DSM in any case, so when i have to change pid/vid?
  6. I have tried synology assistant but with the same results. My network infrastrucure is ok i have other pc connected by the same dhcp. I have booted this machine with a win10 live cd and all nics are up and working. My desktop is composed by: - Intel i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 cores) - mobo MSI h61m p23 (b3) chipset VIA® VT1708S and 4GB ram - integrated nic Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 - pcie nic tplink tg3468(un) - pcie nic intel pro 1000 pt - 8x1TB 2.5" drive, 4 connected on integrated sata port and 4 on sata3 pcie adapter (startech pexsat34rh) I have tried loader 1.02 also with extra.lzma, and with intel pro1000 nic but i can't still find my desktop on the network I have a a serial port, so i can use it for debug, is it right? I'll take a serial/usb cable at work tomorrow and i'll try again before testing all loaders (v1.02-v1.03-v1.04) without changing them.
  7. HI @IG-88, so if i can't find my desktop with mysynology is not becouse a wrong mac address, but my nic is not supported, is it right? I have tried also extra ramdisk but unsuccessfully, i can't see my desktop on the netwrork. I have found an Intel pcie card in the attic, i'll retry with this nic.
  8. Hi all, i'm following this site to install DSM on my desktop machine, i have one very very noob question, but reading this forum i have read some answer that confuse me: in grub, i have to write the mac address of my pc nic (i suppose), is it right? becouse i also read that i have to use instead an original synology mac address matching the serial number i had specified in my grub. Is it right or i'm wrong?