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  1. I remove the question My system was booted for some reason in UEFI mode. I changed - it worked. Your previous post prompted me to check But the question about the list of network adapters remains;)
  2. Hi, I am using 3617xs v1.03b loader with driver extension pack, in my system (GA-B75M- D3h with RTL8111) there are 3 network cards tg-3468 (realtek 8169 chipset). Does the package support these cards? It seems that these cards work with the r8168 kernel ... My board cannot get any IP :( Even when I disable the built-in card in BIOS. Is there a list of supported network cards?
  3. plz tell me what is the situation with drivers for a network card virtio? If they work - how to install them? There were reports that only e1000 works ... @IG-88 thanks for your hard workk ;)
  4. Can your answer for this: " I find card with 4 ASM 1061 controller, but I found "Port Multiplier FIS-based and Command-based switching supported" too .. Сould this be a problem?"
  5. i think that's right, " The 1062 has PCIE ports and 2 SATA ports. The 109X family are port multipliers that do not have PCIE ports, only SATA upstream and 2X SATA downstream. Maybe the 3 in 1093 means it has 3 SATA downstream ports for drives. So my guess is: Motherboard PCIE port <-> 1062 <-> dual 1093 chips That gives you 6 ports total. "
  6. RAID - It was a mistake, I fixed it later. Of course I meant SATA Thank you so much for the detailed explanations, I have found some important points unknown/incomprehensible to me so far. Ok. I found identical card, it has PCIE x4 , so I think ASM1093 - SATA controller too, not a multiplier (i can't find this chip on ASM site) Now I have knowledge and understanding I hope I will not make a mistake Thanks again. PS There may be a card with two marvel 9215 chip? PPS I find card with 4 ASM
  7. "Oh my god" This is age and eyes Ok, this is the way. I will look for a SATA controller with 6 channels ... As I understand it, in AHCI mode, any one will be picked up by the drivers in 6.2? Or are there any restrictions? WBR, Man UPD: I find a x4 card with using the ASM1062 chip and 2xASM1093 chips - it's fine for drivers? or look for something more serious?
  8. Unfortunately, HP was too lazy to implement AHСI on ML-110 gen 5 SATA IDE/RAID only. On the motherboard, only the PСI-E v1 x1 connectors ... A controller with 6 ports will work poorly. It's only 250 MB/s = 40 MB/s per channel. But HDD 120-150 MB/s per one. On the other side, network only 100-120 MB/s per chanel ... For one or two connection it's maybe ok.. Maybe I'm wrong .. I'm overload
  9. Eh .. can I hope for an IDE drive driver in the pack? I have a good motherboard from HP with Xeon processor (ML110 Gen 5) I do not want to throw it away It can't AHCI WBR, Man
  10. Я же написал - не подходит Уточню : Речь идет о пароле при первом запуске - не находит диски, включает Телнет. Хотел зайти посмотреть что он вообще там видит. Но с паролем админа, который я только что задавал перед началом инсталляции - не пускает. С пустым - тоже ЗЫ Дополнительные драйвера SATA всё еще никак?
  11. А какой пароль у админа в загрузчике? Пустой не катит и тот что указываю при инсталляции - тоже :(