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  1. Works on the HPE Gen10+ No H/W Transcoding because of the restrictions from HPE. Even got 4 NIC's
  2. Your answer is here. For me thats is no problem
  3. Wow, thanks Dmesg is in youre PM
  4. Changed to this one 0.8_std ds918+ - extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b_mod ds918+ DSM 6.2.2 v0.8_std SHA256: F611BCA5457A74AE65ABC4596F1D0E6B36A2749B16A827087D97C1CAF3FEA89A But still no /dev/driv Transcoding (needs sn and mac from real syno hardware) I found this on the forum. I have a DS214+. Can i use that serial?
  5. So i can mount the USB while Synology is running. Thru CLI? Can i find it on the forum? You reported that Synlogy pulled back the version so i wait. I also have to wait for to SSD Brackets Do you think hardware transcoding is possible? I miss the directory's /dev/dri. Or do i need your extra drivers? Mount USB while running is like this? 1) Enable SSH and ssh into your DiskStation 2) Become root ( sudo -i ) 3) Make a mount point ( mkdir -p /tmp/mountMe ) 4) cd into /dev ( cd /dev ) 5) mount synoboot2 to your mount point ( mount -t vfat synoboot2 /tmp/mountMe ) 6) Profit!
  6. Thanks. Let me first enjoy 6.2.2.
  7. Hi, Today I received the HP Proliant Gen10 + and started immediately. First the BIOS and noted the MAC addresses. Then finished the preparation that I started yesterday. I only had to add the 4 MAC addresses of the NICs. to the grub.cfg I made 4 versions of the Synoboot. Based on 918+ 6.2.2 DSM with 1.04b loader 1. Original 2. Extra Drivers Syno 3. Extra Drivers Standard 4. Extra Drivers Recovery I started with the first and put it on the USB. Gen20 + started up, but the Synology Assistant couldn't find it. Then started a webbrowser and typed the URL He found the DS918 + and asked if I wanted to install it. Didn't even have to point to the PAT file. Then he rebooted 2 times and he was ready. I am still impressed with how smooth it went. Continue testing in the coming days. Question. Is it correct that he reboots 2 times after installation? Otherwise the can be a problem with something that makes him crash and boot again P.s. I'm in love
  8. Just bought it. Hope i get it to work. Keep mine fingers crossed
  9. Help! I have running DSM6.2 on ESXI 6.7 voor 29 days without any problems until yesterday. Suddenly my admin password is expired. And i don't remember that enabled that setting. I had never had problems with my admin account is the past on other xpenology. There is no other admin account on the system. I think i need to install the software again but i don't want to lose the data on the other disks. I have backup of all the tools and synoboot.img that i used when i installed everything. Can some one can tell me the steps to safe install the software again. Thanks in advance