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  1. Friends. Advise the cheap controller with ali on 4 disks compatible with DSM 6.2.2 update 4!
  2. 2 hours - normal flight. apparently something is malfunctioning in the old MB.... Something .. with network intel also hung up. testing further. Bond net cards.
  3. ping unpossible. I change MB. Chipset, net, controllers is same as old MB. May be it`s dead MB. What are the names of the log files?
  4. There is a problem ... after some time (1 hour or so), the system falls off the network. At the same time, it seems to be working ... but it is not visible on the network. After the reset, she writes in warnings that there was an incorrect shutdown. I took out the Intel network card to determine the problem, it turns out that something is wrong ...
  5. Thanks IG-88. I made the migration in the 2nd way from 3615 to 3617. Now all 3 network cards are visible, Plugins remained in the system, all settings are saved. Будем тестировать...
  6. MB Asus P5E64 WS Evolution https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5E64_WS_Evolution/specifications/ In Bios 2 lan controllers is enable, in pci-e slot intel 82574L/9301CT
  7. At startup, nothing is visible on the screen except a greeting from the bootloader