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    The best case for 12-bay xpenology

    Thanks! Any suggestions for a non-rackmount case?
  2. What is the best computer case or enclosure that will accommodate 12 x 3.5" drives? I'm looking for something compact and quiet. I could watercool it if necessary. Either cube-box or rack-mount suggestions are welcome. Full towers suggestions are welcome ONLY if they are not monster-sized cases like Case Labs. I'm trying to build en equivalent of DS3612xs or DS2413+. I was waiting for Synology to announce their 2014 version of the 12-bay cube, but they only announced the rack-mount models.
  3. Synology SSD Cache is a read-only cache which optimizes data retrieval. To enable SSD Cache on a Synology NAS, two SSDs must be installed in the SSD Cache slots of the server. The SSDs should be of the same size, brand, and model, and must be listed on Synology’s official Hardware Compatibility List: ... l/DS3612xs Can anybody confirm that they got any other brands of SSDs working as cache SSDs on Nanoboot+4482?
  4. Мужики, а как Нано с 4482 ставить на новую машину пустую? Именно не виртуалку, и не апгрейд Gnoboot. А с нуля.
  5. Does anybody have a guide of how to install nanoboot with 4482 from scratch, on a clean new physical machine? fma965 made a very useful tutorial (thank you fma965!) ... o-nanoboot but it's talking about migration from gnoboot. Unfortunately it's a bit confusing, also because there's a lot of virtualization stuff all over the place.