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  1. I got it working well now I need to get some more memory for it as I'm left with only about 300mb free after it's up and running with plex
  2. Yeah I tried to put it in the pc but I'm using Windows 10 so it don't read it it shows raw for partition wall
  3. I got it working but is there anyway to create a volume without erasing the drive cause my drive has all my movies and stuff on it for Plex
  4. Idk if this is my problem or not but when I checked the grub.cfg I put the wrong Mac in it
  5. Ok so I'll try the ds918 again that's the one that worked to begin with without changing any pid or vid but it didn't read any volumes
  6. It told me to install pat higher than 6.2 2379 something like that it's reading the previous installs I tried I'm even using a brand new USB drive
  7. I can't for the life of me get this to go I get to the screen to install the pat file it goes to the reboot diskstation and that's it just counts down to 0
  8. Thank you hopefully this time it will read my drive volumes
  9. Hello I'm trying to get xpenology working on my terramaster f2-221 I got it to boot and it worked but didn't see any drive volumes I know it can work on it from another forum any idea?
  10. I'm trying to install on to terramaster f2 221 it got it to install but it wouldn't let me set storage volume up and after removing the USB stick since I figured it installed on the my spare SSD drive it wouldn't boot any help I used the 1.04b img file is there something else I should have done other than just burning the img with win32