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  1. I'm already running 2.4.1 but changing CPU to Enable CPU compatibility mode made all the difference. I've been able to not only install Ubantu but also OpenMediaVault which also gave me trouble before. Thank you so much.
  2. This is the second machine that I'm trying to unsuccessfully install Ubuntu (I also tried other distros) on VM. Every time the installation hangs after selecting 'Erase disk and install Ubuntu' and clicking on Install Now. I tired to used different disks (SSD basic, RAID SHR), different drivers VirtIO, SATA, IDE) and nothing helps. I can install Windows 10 without any problems. Any help would be appreciated. I'm running +918 and 1.04b on ASRock H370M and I3-8100 with 16GB of RAM. I also tried to install it on NUC 6th generation running also +918.
  3. My hardware RAID is an enclosure conected to my NUC by USB. So there is no RAID controller involved.
  4. I have NUC that is not doing anything so I'd like to install Xpenology on it. I also have Mediasonic with hardware raid support. Should I let Mediasonic handle RAID or have DSM do it? I'd like to run RAID5. The enclosure will be connected to NUC using USB3.