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Found 6 results

  1. [EDIT du 22/04/2020] : Mise à jour pour DSM 6.2.3-25426 [EDIT du 26/05/2020] : Ajout procédure de changement d'adresse mac et SN Voici les templates au format OVF pour importer une VM avec DSM 6.2.3 (compatible aussi DSM 6.2.2 mais incompatible >=6.2.4) directement dans ESXi 6.x via le client Web (et non vSphere Client) ou en mode local avec Workstation Player : ds3615xs (Loader 1.03b) ds3617xs (Loader 1.03b) ds918+ (Loader 1.04b) >> Penser à ajouter vos disques de données après l'import de la VM et les rattacher au contrôleur SATA 1:x (Mode
  2. Not sure what the issue is. Every time I try to create a VM, VMM puts in reserve 80% of my ram (10gb total) leaving me with less than 2gb (yes i know it should be exactly, but im assuming that system itself is taking up at lease 512mb as well) Which of course leaves me not able to create a VM of any kind. Please, any help would be appreciate it.
  3. Whenever I go to create a vm it always reserve like 80% of the ram resource leaving me unable to effectively create a VM. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Привет форумчане! Не работают виртуальные машины в VMM. Сообщение: "Не удалось включить виртуальную машину"! Установлена DSM 6.2.2 на загрузчике 1.03b для 3615xs. Железо следующее: Материнская плата Intel D2700MUD со встроенным Атомом D2700 (2 core 4 thread) + 4gb ОЗУ 1033Mhz ddr3. Не работают никакие виртуальные машины, сколько бы ресурсов им не выделял, ни Lin ни Win. Перепробовал все комбинации настроек. Связывался ли кто с такой проблемой? + Невозможно удалить виртуальную машину после создания. При удалении сообщение "Не удалось удалить виртуальную машину".
  5. This is the second machine that I'm trying to unsuccessfully install Ubuntu (I also tried other distros) on VM. Every time the installation hangs after selecting 'Erase disk and install Ubuntu' and clicking on Install Now. I tired to used different disks (SSD basic, RAID SHR), different drivers VirtIO, SATA, IDE) and nothing helps. I can install Windows 10 without any problems. Any help would be appreciated. I'm running +918 and 1.04b on ASRock H370M and I3-8100 with 16GB of RAM. I also tried to install it on NUC 6th generation running also +918.
  6. Hello. In new here and this is my first post and i didnt know under what category to put it. I am pretty familiar with DSM and SSH. So here is my question. I want to make a virtual machine of windows 10 with virtual machine manager but I want to game on that cm with a dedicated graphics card. Is that possible or do I need to tweak stuff. Thx for helping