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  1. ozool

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Hello again IG-88, This has been working fine for me with four disks attached to the first mini-SAS port on the controller, however, when I add a disk to the second mini-SAS port it seems to occupy the same HDD slot in DSM as one of the four on the first port. i.e. DSM can't see all 8 ports as individual drives. My card is a Highpoint 2722 SGL with 2x internal mini-SAS ports for a maximum of 8 SATA ports. looking in my logs, I see the following: [ 10.448356] scsi host4: mvsas [ 10.449301] sas: phy-4:4 added to port-4:0, phy_mask:0x1 ( 400000000000000) [ 10.449326] sas: phy-4:5 added to port-4:1, phy_mask:0x2 ( 500000000000000) [ 10.449345] sas: phy-4:6 added to port-4:2, phy_mask:0x4 ( 600000000000000) [ 10.449366] sas: phy-4:7 added to port-4:3, phy_mask:0x8 ( 700000000000000) [ 10.449382] sas: DOING DISCOVERY on port 0, pid:49 [ 10.449384] sas: DONE DISCOVERY on port 0, pid:49, result:0 [ 10.449386] sas: DOING DISCOVERY on port 1, pid:49 [ 10.449387] sas: DONE DISCOVERY on port 1, pid:49, result:0 [ 10.449393] sas: DOING DISCOVERY on port 2, pid:49 [ 10.449394] sas: DONE DISCOVERY on port 2, pid:49, result:0 [ 10.449399] sas: DOING DISCOVERY on port 3, pid:49 [ 10.449400] sas: DONE DISCOVERY on port 3, pid:49, result:0 [ 10.449414] sas: Enter sas_scsi_recover_host busy: 0 failed: 0 [ 10.449750] sas: ata0: end_device-4:0: dev error handler I don't fully understand this, but does it mean ports 4-7 are being remapped to ports 0-3 thereby causing the problem I've outlined above? Is there a way to make DSM able to see all 8 drives?
  2. Is a custom ramdisk for 3617xs or 3615x DSM 6.2 planned for the future or is the intention to support only the 918+ loader?
  3. ozool

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    That seems to have fixed it. My drives are now visible on the RocketRAID card.
  4. ozool

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    I Checked the log and I can see the mvsas driver has loaded. I'm not really sure what most of this means, but I'm seeing four instances of this type of error (I assume one for each of my four attached disks): [Fri Jul 27 12:30:46 2018] sas: DOING DISCOVERY on port 0, pid:6 [Fri Jul 27 12:30:46 2018] sas: ATA device seen but CONFIG_SCSI_SAS_ATA=N so cannot attach [Fri Jul 27 12:30:46 2018] sas: unhandled device 5 So it looks like something is preventing the drive from attaching. Thanks again for your help.
  5. ozool

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Thanks! I now have all four NICs recognised and working. lspci -k | grep 'Kernel driver' reveals that mvsas is in use, but I still can't see my drives. Is this likely to be something to do with the sataportmap setting? Seeing as I'm running on ESXi, I'm not sure how to configure it or how to count the SATA controllers. I have two virtual disks attached (on SATA 0:0 and SATA 0:1). There are currently four drives attached to the RocketRAID card, but none are visible to DSM. Any suggestions?
  6. ozool

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Hi, after a lot of Googling how to fix this, I ended up here. I couldn't find synoconfig.conf, but I did find synoinfo.conf which contained the same info. Unfortunately, after editing maxlanport="2" to maxlanport="8" I was still left with only two NICs visible from withing DSM. Can you offer any help? Am I editing the correct file? I'm running 1.03a2 on ESXi 6.7. It seems to be working well apart from not seeing my passed-through RocketRAID 2720SGL and the NIC issue above. Thanks.