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  1. USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen1) dongles have appeared in the market supporting ethernet RJ45 adaptors with 2.5/5.0 GBit speed. e.g: It would be great if someone would be able to develop drivers so that we can use these dongles with Xpenology or even synology NASs. Is anyone knowledgable and interested enough to give it a go?
  2. I built my first ever XPenology and I am so far very happy with it. i had some DDR3 memory left over from previous projects so I chose the the around the RAM to save some money. i went for the cheapest MoBo I could buy on a H110 chipset that would accommodate the Intel Celeron G3930. i competed the build with a OEM Corsair PSU of 350W and a CM elite 342 case that I chose due to the 5 internal bays for 3.5” disks. The installation with Jun’s loader was straight forward, I only had 1 problem when I needed to re-write the image on the USB stick where I would get an error using the win32 diskImager. I solved this by CLI on Windows and resetting the USB stick partitions. The installation of DSM 3615 was also uneventful and I used 3 old disks 8 had laying around. The performance is fast on the DSM MMI over Mozilla browser and so far most functionality works the same as with my synology boxes. Specifically the power management scheduler works fine to switch of and power on the XPenology. However the fans control is not working from the DSM, I had to tune the fans in the bios and am thinking to further reduce the rpm and noise with some voltage low noise adaptors. Transfer speeds are great from my PC over 1GbE where I saturate the NIC at 112 MB/s both read and write in both directions. The PC has SATA3 SSDs. Transfer speeds directly between XPenology and DS214 (via mapped remote folder) are averaging 95 MB/s for both directions read and write. This may sound quite strange but Synology fastest transfers are over SMB rather than using the RSYNC protocol that is native to the Linux district they are using for DSM. So I am not overall surprised that I get faster transfers over the PC with SMB mapped network drives. My next step/project is to go to either 4xGbE SMB multichannel in my network (both XPenology and PCs) or to go directly to 10/5/2.5 GbE with purchasing Asus aquantia based NICs for the PC, Netgear 10/5/2.5 GbE switch and a 10 GbE PCIe card for theXPenology.
  3. Hello, I am geky and an owner of 2 synology NASs from 2014. I am preparing to build my first XPENOLOGY and have ordered the parts already. I will surely ask questions in other parts of the forum, for the time I am busy reading the information about the XPENOLOGY project and loaders etc.