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  1. EDIT: parition1: set common_args_3617='syno_hdd_powerup_seq=0 HddHotplug=1 syno_hw_version=RS4017xs+ vender_format_version=2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 withefi elevator=elevator quiet syno_port_thaw=1' parition2: copy grub_cksum.syno , checksum.syno to the second partition where zImage and rd.gz files are. and once it boots, install the same RS4017xs+ DSM pat file.
  2. Copy the checksum that came with RS4017+ pat file into first partition of usb .
  3. I have extracted the rs4017+ pat file and copied the zImage and rd files to the usb second partition and in first partition, I changed the grub file .. it worked for me . And also checksum files
  4. change the syno_hw_version=DS3615xs to RS4017xs+ change the syno_hw_version=RS4017xs+ in the grub.cfg this will show 8 cores in the dsm., but i think you may update with the RS4017+ DSM.pat file . example: set common_args_3615='syno_hdd_powerup_seq=0 HddHotplug=0 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs vender_format_version=2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 withefi elevator=elevator quiet'