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  1. thanks a lot! this really put to rest my concerns
  2. I am getting ready to upgrade from trantor to nanoboot dsm 5 following this guide http://www.xpenology.nl/hardware-installatie/. Theoretically i should not lose data if i choose migrate, correct? How about packages that have been downloaded and settings, ie dyndns,users, firewall settings, time backup settings etc? Would i need to set them up again? Thanks in advance!
  3. HP gen7 N54L 2gb ecc ram (the ram that the unit ships with). Anyway judging by what I have read on the plex forums, extra ram doesn't really help with transcoding, the process is cpu-dependant.
  4. I have used Plex to transcode 15gig 1080p DTS videos to 720p on the fly. I use Plex a lot to stream to devices outside my lan and it works fine up to 720p. For streaming within your lan, most devices should be able to handle direct stream without need for transcoding. I don't know how well things would work if you want to have multiple streams running at the same time with transcoding. if that is the case you should consider a custom built i3 and above. N54 should be able to handle 3x direct play streams with no problem. I have no idea how synology video station behaves as I use Plex.
  5. avpap

    usb 3 card

    Quick follow up. Have you connected the card to the power supply? I would like to use 2.5 passport sized external hard drives. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  6. avpap

    usb 3 card

    Thank you very much for the information! Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  7. avpap

    usb 3 card

    I thought in terms of windows os and PCI cards where drivers are needed for the card to function properly. What you are implying is that all PCI usb 3 cards will function correctly? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  8. avpap

    usb 3 card

    Which DSM version are you using? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  9. avpap

    usb 3 card

    Thank you very much! I will try to find it. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  10. avpap

    usb 3 card

    I am running 4.3 3827 on a hp micro n54l. Do you know of any compatible usb3 cards? Thank you very much!
  11. Hello all, the subject speaks for itself I searched but couldn't find if this has been asked before. Are there any usb 3.0 cards that could work with xpenology 4.3 3827? It will also need to be low profile to fit inside the hp microserver. Thank you very much!