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  1. Thank you spammy for your reply. About transcoding: yes, I think that is better to see the client side. My Samsung TV perhaps can do the job without problem, I must check. So at this point for me these questions remain unanswered. 1) The CPU of the N54L can not transcode 1080p video. Can a dedicated GPU help? 2) About RAM: more memory helps or not? ECC is reccomended or with XPEnology doesn't matter? 3) Re-installtion and/or upgrading XPEnology is generally possible WITHOUT data loss?
  2. Thank you for your answer! I expected it to be so. I think that is not possible (and certainly not affordable) change the CPU in the N54L, but is not easy to find another hardware solution at the same price. Any suggestion? EDIT Is it possible to use a better GPU to allow XPEnology to transcode HD video via mediaserver (not via the HDMI output)? And about ram? 4Gb is enough or is it better to increase? Ok, so you reccomend the non ESXi installation. This solution implies a complete control of the hardware? No chance to try now: I have not bought anything yet!
  3. Hi to everyone! I'm new here and I'm really excited about XPEnology and I hope that this project can help me for my new NAS. My idea is to buy a HP N54L and install XPEnology but I have many doubts about it and I hope someone will help me to answer those questions before purchasing. 1) About the hardware I see that several people use the N54L with XPEnology without serious problem, but I have 2 questions about it. First: the CPU can or not transcode HD video when this microserver is used with XPEnology and an DLNA software? I can't find final words about this. Second: some people r