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  1. Hey, I'm in the same boat you were. Can you please share what instructions you used to go from 4.3 to 5.x? Thanks
  2. Update 7 is out now to fix shellshock/bash bug. Instructions in OP still apply & work fine.
  3. This method worked for me to go from trantor's beta to 3827 update 5 today. Thanks OP
  4. Anyone else using this card that could give me some tips on getting it to work? Out of the box I can get into the card's bios ok and it sees the 4 drives I have connected to it via a single SAS>SATA breakout cable... but when I boot into Xpen, nothing. I see only the 2 other drives I have connected directly to my MOBO Mobo: ECS KBN-I/2100 AMD E1-2100 EDIT: P.S. I'm running Beta7 (4.3-3827)