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  1. Now, I find my PC lan mac address in BIOS and change it in the grub file. But I still can not find the diskstation anywhere.(, assistant) I don't know what is the problem.
  2. Is this problem that I write the following mac address in the gurb.cfg : 0011322CA785 ? Because I don't know what is the NIC mac address and where can I see.
  3. Thank you your answear but the assistant not find the diskstation. And i not see in the router connected device.
  4. So, now I click to install and the last three lines not showing and I not see diskstation on finder. And I not see diskstation in the connected device on router. What is the problem?
  5. Thank you your answear. Now I tried to install on PC but i got error message. file '/zImage' not found. What is the problem?
  6. In this situation create installer for a HDD? Because HDD is internal.
  7. I created the usb drive but my mac not show usb in the bootable devices.
  8. Yes, Thats right.
  9. Hello, Can someone help me how to install 6.1 dsm on my mac pro? Spec: Mac Pro 3.1 intel 8 core, 16gb memory. 4tb hdd. I like to install without virtual programs.