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  1. Really informative thank you! Have read up a bit more since reading this. I think I understand now a little more. The bit I am getting lost on one thing: If the DS has a hardcoded architecture then does it use all the processors cores and threads? I understand it wont use all the instruction sets which for me i don't think will cause too much of an issue. Also out of curiosity is Intel® Quick Sync Video classed as an instruction set? I'm mainly using it for Plex, sonarr, couchpotato sabnzb so at the moment 3617xs with the broadwell arch is out of the question for
  2. Sorry forgot to add I have a E3-1246v3 which I believe is a Denlow architecture.... Would that be an issue?
  3. Oh ok that explains my issue, thanks. So running ds3615xs 6.1DSM will be ok with the SynoCommunity packages? I was going to rebuild my machine to 6.0.2 thinking it was the DSM version. Is there benefits to the "broadwell" architecture?
  4. Hi I was looking to use XPEnology on a Dell Precision T1700 workstation with a Xeon E3-1246v3 3.5GHz. Just wondering if the processor will be utalised when needed, or do I have to do anything like add drivers for it etc.... I was thinking of using DSM 6.0.2. Can you think of a reason why I should use another version? Also anything else I might need to check..... Thanks in advance
  5. I removed all partitions and started again. Worked a treat! Thanks!
  6. This is my PID/VID reading for the USB Key - USB\VID_08EC&PID_0015\0C51B85110309941. So I am cool right? I think it must be one of these settings right? - where is best to look to make sure i have the right details?? set sata_args='sata_uid=1 sata_pcislot=5 synoboot_satadom=1 DiskIdxMap=0C SataPortMap=1 SasIdxMap=0'
  7. Hi Thanks for getting back to me, really do appreciate it...... ok glad it is seeing the drive Ok yeah I have done the vid/pid (for usb key), serial number for (3517xs), mac address and updated the grub.cfg before writing it to my usb key. This is what I have got: set vid=0x08EC set pid=0x0015 set sn=1230ODN586788 set mac1=B8CA3A8CC0DB set rootdev=/dev/md0 set netif_num=1 set extra_args_3617='' set common_args_3617='syno_hdd_powerup_seq=0 HddHotplug=0 syno_hw_version=DS3617xs vender_format_version=2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 withefi elevator=elevator quiet syno_port_th
  8. I take it that if i get to this screen (see attached) then the loader/drivers can see my boot drive?
  9. Sorry I am using DS3617xs 1.02b loader. SSD drive installed
  10. Hi I have just started a build on an optiplex 7010 i5. I have the bios set to uefi and it booting from from the usb key which is working fine. I can find it through the When I start the process to install it says "Failed to Format Disk (35)" The device was booting into windows previously ok.... is there something I am missing? Keep going around in circles.... any suggestions? I have been though the forums trying things....