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    Kernel building

    from what I have read I do have to prepare a Ubuntu 12.10 (virtual) computer. On that I can compile kernels and also drivers (.ko). I'll start with installing Ubuntu Or maybe there are some other forum members who are able to do the driver compiling for me . I have now successfully installed 3202 (DSM 4.2) on a standard Quadcore Intel PC with a Intel Dual Server Netwerk adapter. I am trying to make a NAS with at least 24x4TB disks in it connected by 2x Areca ARC-1230-16 controller. This would give me a lot of fast storage in one NAS. It would be perfect if we could get a DS-10613xs+ of DS-3413xs+ system running on a 'standard' PC. The xs+ series do have SSD caching option.
  2. t-force

    Kernel building

    Aigor, |Thank you for your reply. I have to dig in some more Linux knowledge because that's new for me. I am used to Windows development but have no experience with Linux. I will read and follow the example on this forum on how to build the DSM kernel. With that knowledge I do think a Areca driver will be easy. When I am ready I will post it on this forum.
  3. t-force

    Kernel building

    Is anyone able to add the Areca RAID drivers to the DSM 4.2 kernel? With Areca RAID cards DSM 4.2 would be very fast http://www.areca.com.tw/support/s_linux/linux.htm