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  1. Hi to everybody in the forum. I want to know if there is any way to insert a module or driver in nanoboot? Currently i have installed dsm-5.0 4493 on a dual xeon server i had stored. I put 2 wd raptor 74gb on motherboard sata conecctors and 4 wd 1.5tb on a 3ware 9550sxu 4 port raid card. The 1.5tb disk are configured as jbod. I can install DSM and boot the nas with raptor drives but the 3ware card is not recogniced. Lspi list the hardware but no driver or module is loaded. I saw that gnoboot have the drivers included bit i think nanoboot does not. If Somebody can help me with this i really apreciated. Thanks un advance
  2. Hi All, Great to hear that Synology Software can be used on regular PC. I´m going to try this on my ASUS E35M1-I motherboard. I allready asked for download the file from the first post. I´ll comment later. See Ya.-