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  1. If you got an IP it works, thanks for your message!
  2. Does the onboard NIC also work or did you add a NIC?
  3. Don’t know if I’m allowed to post this here… I’m planning to replace my Raspberry Pi as every year this st*pid SD card crashes and software needs to be reinstalled. Only thing the Rasp (or the new PC) needs to handle is torrent and NZB traffic, but as power efficient as possible. I’m looking at a Gigabyte Brix GB-BACE-3000 with Celeron N3000, 4W TDP. Is the N3000 any good for using with DSM 5 or 6 or is it just too slow and s**t? Does anyone have real world experience with DSM and Celeron N3000? Thanks for your info!
  4. DC version? http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/J3160DC-ITX/ This version of the board has a 19V DC connector and external power supply, so you won't need ATX power supply
  5. Thanks for sharing! 120MB is the max for ethernet, so that's fine. I'm feeling like there's no reason anymore to skip J3455 or J4205 models.... Pity there's no DC version of the J3455, this would make a perfect combination!
  6. The J3455itx of Asrock works also perfectly. Its faster and cheaper. Maybe you can consider it. Cheers have a good hack! J3455 or J4205 would be my first choice IF there were no problems. How about the sluggish behaviour you mentioned yourself here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216&start=1490#p80898 The German site Technikaffe also reports problems with the J4205 board and Openmediafault which is also Linux (Debian 8): http://www.technikaffe.de/anleitung-394 ... hevc_10bit Is this solved already? I might found a solution somewhere, but I don't have this board so can't
  7. Thanks for your reply!. I don't own the board, but thinking about buying the Apollo Lake or J3060DC-ITX. The sluggish behaviour you mention is due to the lack of driver support. A good reason not to buy Apollo Lake YET. To solve this we need updated drivers or an updated kernel, but as this is not a standard linux distro this probably won't be as easy as just SSH and do an update. What is the best option compared to apollo lake now? I dont have a big issue to sell this motherboard and buy another one. I need at least 4 sata ports and it needs to be mini-itx. I'm going to buy an A
  8. I have same Mobo works perfectly. The only problem I have is with USB, Connecting a printer to it is not stable also DVB-C anysee hicks from time to time. Do you notice this too? Also when I onboarded data to the NAS using the USB ports (external disks) sometimes the USB ports failed. There is a kind of USB flaw here. Maybe the chipset for Apollo Lake cause its quite recently introduced. I don't know if Synology has Apollo Lake official supported. Although it works very well, sometimes I think my asrock j3455 -itx is more sluggy then my old DS214+ which I have sold due the discontinued cras
  9. Try changing BIOS settings: Activate CSM and other settings to UEFI only. Disable secure boot. Let me know if this works.
  10. Did somebody already try Jun's Loader / DSM 6.0.2 on the new Apollo Lake boards (J3455/J4205)? Several times I've been reading "it should work" in this discussion, but it seems to me nobody actually tried? A few pages back somebody mentioned it’s not booting and I’ve been reading about problems using Ubuntu on Apollo Lake boards. Just want to have a confirmation before making a mistake in buying, I prefer to have a WORKING J3710 board over a black screen Apollo Lake Thanks!