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  1. Have you succeded in doing mac mini xpenology install ? other than xpenology choice : omv, tcl, openelec (maybe)...what do you want the box to be ? I have about the same specs hardware, its a PC intel atom 1.8 1 giga of ram its doing ok using xpenoboot dsm 5.2
  2. uabuner

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    @fb_luc I believe you mean to write to one partition on the hdd.. I dont know how to do that. But if you write img to whole hdd, I think Its possible but you will get only few MB for the HDD, so you cant use it for data partition viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1221 The usb boot thing is actually make it easier to flash to new version but it still a bootloader not an OS..CMIIW But please let me know if you find workaround to use hdd as boot disc and data certainly save 1 usb port and 1 usb stick What about flash entire hdd and then modified the hdd using gparted from another OS...? May be I will try it on my usb flash first or a spare hdd...just to be cautious
  3. solved :so its a hardware problem ...figured it out after hook a monitor to dsm box. my motherboard is dying before and now its dead. As for HDD I dont know...need to find another board to check.. thanks
  4. I have 16 lines of rsync job scheduled to run via scheduled task, total size to be sync is about 50gigs or so. ( to be exact it mount cifs from other nas to this dsm 4.3 and then rsync from it to another folder inside hdd on this nas) my machine is intel atom 1,6 with 1gig of ram. Other nas is wd cloud gen 2. it run just fine in first few minutes but it will lead to segmentaion fault in 10-15 minutes..and than it will freeze my dsm. I have to force reboot it and sometime it work just fine , but someothertime it boot longer than usual and it will flood my dev/md0 and leave no space for even start smb.. it started, but I can mount its share, as smb failed to start , ssh and web gui running just fine and no error warning also. I have tried this config twice on 4.3 and 5.2, anyway it was running just fine on omv before (but it was a month ago) So my problem is rsync reliability on this box. I suspect that my hdd is developing a bad sector but test shows just fine on DSM... the log info for failed smb is : /lib/util/tdb_wrap.c:65: [2017/01/31 17:42:14.344633, all 0, pid=6805] tdb_wrap_log tdb(/var/run/group_mapping.tdb): expand_file write of 4096 bytes failed (No space left on device) bassically its just saying that my disc is flood with temp files... Any clue ? I m open to suggestion but please be detailed in script as I am a noob At the moment I'm trying to copy paste via win : copy from wd to dsm using simple copy paste Thanks
  5. IDE ! are people still using IDE ? Can you still get IDE ? are the storage drives of any meaningful size in IDE format ? (i think they stopped at 1TB if im not mistaken) what kind of speeds do you get from these IDE drives ? LOL i dont meant to be rude in anyway. I legit did not know people still use IDE and could get their hands on them mine is IDE..atom board 945gclf ... and I dont have gigabit on that box it doesnt matter pata or sata... wol work, power scheduler work, auto poweroff work, quickconnect work, dont know what is not on 5.2 You can still get those old board here, in Indonesia..used/refurbished
  6. It will be it's great ... my board has no ahci and Im on 5.2..still its great to run dsm on it intel atom board 945gclf v.1 again...thanks quicknick
  7. I guess its depend on your need and resource ..Im still waiting quicknick 2.3 actually, So I havent update yet (on 5.2-5967 now) I certainly will try to install dsm6 if possible for my machine (intel atom 1,6 945gclf, or may be got myself a newer machine) but for now I still prefer dsm 4.x compare to dsm 5.x...lower resource and all my app is working there. IMO, dsm web managment working faster on 4.x compare to 5.x...and most likely faster than 6.x But that's me and I'm only using transmission and virtualbox
  8. Thanks quicknick for your work. I guess I will wait for 2.3 and may be get newer board... I dont think mine is supported at the moment Im running DSM 5.2-5644, it slower (web admin) than previous DSM 4 (DSM_DS3612xs_2668), on baremetal intel atom Board D945GCLF 1gig of ram (anyone has older hardware than mine ? ) power button work, power scheduler work, wol work, advance power management partially work. Havent tried Juns loader also, as I dont think it also supported IDE mode
  9. No I dont want to flash it to thecus OS. I want to install DSM on it. At the moment I am on thecus OS
  10. Hmm...I thought that we can not use original DSM from synology website ... I thought that the dsm file that is on ( I download from peeyush from thecus forum) is modified before... Am I wrong ?
  11. I honestly dont understand what you mean by that. Anyone with good Russian can help us to mediate...? I really dont understand any Russian. I thought you did flash your n2520 and working before, but than you have some power problem and hung on boot. Later on you flash your device but unsuccessfully and yours is bricked after that. So my original question is how did you managed to flash it on the first time ? in my understanding Flash_* files are some critical platform level files (Bootloader etc) and DSM_* files are the actual Synology OS files. I got links from peeyush post (from thecus forum) but I cant confirm which file to be flashed..Im still waiting
  12. Hi mkdemon...!S5JgGSCa!tMYFNnXNko8yKgK5SiFyeg << there is no DSM_DS214play_5004.pat on the link you send me. There is only Flash_DS214play_5004.pat and Flash_DS214play_5004(1).pat ---- Im trying to summarize dsm on thecus2520 method how to. There are 2 method using two different files. 1. Download and install first file: Flash_DS214play_5004.pat Refresh web-page (F5); Then without NAS reboot dl and install second file: DSM_DS214play_5004.pat ( I still dont have this file) You're Done! Enjoy DSM 5.1 on SynoCus. 2. using prepare 1GB of an USB Drive or above Download << i can find usb upgrade zip on thecus forum but I am not sure if its the correct files (no confirmation from the post) UNZIP the file to flash disc Power NAS off & eject HDD. Plug USB into NAS and power NAS up, wait for 7~15 min and system would power off automatically. Plug HDD into NAS and power NAS up. Search NAS via Synology Assistant. Download this DSM_DS214play_5004.pat Install .pat file to NAS ( I still dont have this file) Login DSM and enjoy Done. --------- @mkdemon : can you confirm which method/files you are using ( the first one that work and the second that did not work ) And can you check DSM_DS214play_5004.pat you still have it ? Sorry that you have bricked thecus...hmm... can you reflash it again ? Or is it possible to use tftp and boot thcus using usb ttl cable ? (openwrt experienced user might help).
  13. Sorry..cant speak Russian. I also search for dsm on thecus2520. it seems that no one has the old tutorial and files..or at least no response yet from anyone on thecus forum ... 68-18.html vortex has leaving years ago and the files and tutorial (originall files by vortex) is also erased. wayback machine has no archieve of the post. The closest one I have is tranlsated korean post The Instructions: 1. 1GB of an USB Drive or above the PREPARE. 2. Download << i can find usb upgrade zip on thecus forum but I am not sure if its the correct files (no confirmation from the post) 4. 1G or above USB Drive to UNZIP. 5. NAS HDD eject OFF & Power. 6. Power up NAS and NAS INTO USB Plug, wait for 7 ~ 15 min and Power System would the Automatically OFF. 7. INTO up NAS and NAS HDD Power Plug. 8. The VIA NAS Synology Assistant Search. 9. Download this .pat File. << this I cant find....DSM_DS214play_5004.pat, other pat files exist but no confirmation either. 10. .pat NAS File to Install 11. DSM and Enjoy Login 12. Done. I'm still waiting for response from thecus forum.