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    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    I will add all modules in next beta. Boot on ubuntu livecd to find out which modules you need. See next post about SCSi/SAS controllers Hi Trantor, I already know my wifi driver that is iwlwifi.ko I have already copied this to /lib/modules/ but when i try to execute this command : insmod iwlwifi.ko i have this error: "insmod: can't insert 'iwlwifi.ko': unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter" What could be the problem and how will i resolve it? By the way im using DSM5.0 Beta. Thank you.
  2. limayne

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Here the driver : - Copy it to /lib/modules/ - insmod usbnet.ko and then asix.ko Christmas present: I use kernel backports 3.12 to compil more than 60 wifi drivers. Link : Enjoy Hi Trantor, Regarding WiFi driver, how will I know which wifi driver I will copy to modules. Im using 4.3 My motherboard is zotac h87 with an onboard wifi. Also can you have driver for bluetooth. Merry Christmas. Thank you. limayne