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  1. Would be cool and looking forward to it. Saves a lot of time
  2. OK got synoboot working and it is detected by synoassistent in vmware 5.1. But same problem with detecting the harddisk. What are the possibilities to go further with this problem. repack synoboot with new drivers?
  3. @Jnus, I've tried to install xpenology in vmware 5.1 on HP N36. Difficult to get de synoboot working. When it boot it stops when grub loader appears. I've converted de synoboot.vdi with winimage to an vmware disk .vmdk. I will try another one (which is known to be good in converting vdi to vmdk). Will try further this week with xpenology in vmware 5.1 Which setting do you use in setting up the vm in 5.X harlam
  4. Works! I have installed Openmediavault on my N36 HP microserver 8GB. Same like the HP N40 but with slower cpu. Easy install of virtual box via the extra plugins (check forum omv). After that followed the instructions here. Worked like a charm. Only some problems with choosing the right networkadapter and some useright problems with debian (hostsystem openmediavault). Now i have an installed openmediavault server with a virtual xpenology server via VB. See how in with run the next week Waited a long time to get this.... Thanks