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  1. Thanks for your reply! I knew that. In fact, I tried to install on an virtual machine, too. There all works flawless! On the Qnap-NAS I did not try to login. I just ment the screen goes black a few lines before the login-promt. Maybe this helps to find out, what at the starting-process causes my problem.
  2. Hi, I've some problems with this release on my NAS. I have an old Qnap SS-839 Pro with an Intel Atom N270 and only 32-bit-support. I replaced the standard 128MB-IDE-DOM with a new one (2GB). This release starts like a charm in a virtual machine, but on my I'm stuck on booting the first bootimage (DS411-1067-x86-20130525.img). The NAS Linux seems to be starting, but then the screen goes black and the system hangs. I don't know exactly when it hangs, but when I compare the bootup, it can't be this far to the login-prompt. Can anyone provide some help here? Is it possible to replace the kernel with a working ubuntu? I've some experience with linux, but I'm not an expert...e.g. I've never compiled my own kernel. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Tobi
  3. Yes...upload please! I need that file too!
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    4.3 issues

    Thanks Vortex for your Message. I'll try to get 4.2 working first. Maybe then 4.3 is out... I'm looking forward to this regards Tobi
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    4.3 issues

    Hi, i know, it's a bit off topic, but I need to ask Vortex to do me a favor. And in fact, I can't write him a PM, I need to ask him this way. Please be gentle on me... @Vortex: You posted a link of your latest qnology-version on qnap-forum. But the file on mega doesn't exist anymore. Could you please give me a link to download this file? I have a Qnap SS-839 Pro, and don't need to have the NAS running 24h. At work I'm used to Synology-Devices, and there is an Standby-Mode I wanted to use with my Qnap, too. The only way I see to get the Standby, is to use an alternate software. And because I really like the Synology-Interface and Apps, your Qnology will be my first choice. Many thanks in advance! Regards, Tobi