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  1. Hi, Installed on Asus H871 - Plus motherboard Works ok but usb not working When inserting usb drive, nothing happends. Any help would be much appriciated
  2. Hi Many Thanks for the post, tried my hand at building a 8 bay nas with: Motherboard: Asus H871 -plus CPU Intel G3220 LGA1150 Silicon Image 2 port sata card on pcie bus Ram 8GB 8 2TB hard disks U Nas Server Chasis8 bay OS DSM 4.2 build. Still Testing on the bench, so far everything works with this new board, was worried that it would not work for lack of drivers. Love the OS, I have the synology DS509+, it works exactly in the same manner, I haven't tested the power consumed with a power meter, have to dig out my old digital power meter I have been following all the posts in the forum, however most of it's beyond me as I know very little Linux. as I am a 64 year old, happy to have gone this far. Once Again many thanks