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  1. Check that your hard drives settings in bios. I had to set mine to AHCI
  2. Had a similar problem. I'm assuming you have a realtek nic chip. That's what my Gigabyte card had. I changed it with an intel PCIe NIC card and worked right away.
  3. So after trying numberous times, I went with the ds3615, and it no longer reboots. It's stuck at the Intro message. Now, I still cannot find it on the network after uploading the PAT file. Disconnected the drives and it's not on the network. What is really odd though, if it works initially with the loader before I upload the PAT file, I can assume that the driver of the network card is not the issue. Correct?
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem with a "new" Synology machine. Installed several, and never had any troubles but time I do. Went to and the unit was detected fine, including the drives. I selected to download the latest PAT file automatically (mistake?) from Synology, (I think the latest one is 6.2.2-24922). After the restart the synology is no longer found on my network, and every 3-4 minutes the server reboots. Loader: Jun's 1.03b for DS3617xs Motherboard: GA-Z68M-D2H CPU: i7 3770 Chipset: Intel Z68 Express Chipset LAN: Rea
  5. I also wonder how to change the bootloader...
  6. After stopping all the processes and rebooting the computer. I was able to upgrade via the GUI. Reason for this hassle is that I couldn't expand my RAID array. Now it worked on the first click!
  7. This is what the logs say: logs 2017-10-23T16:53:31-04:00 NAS SystemInfo.cgi: disk/disk_is_below_life_thr_cache.c:28 Failed to get below remain life thr from /run/synostorage/disks//sde/below_remain_life_thr 2017-10-23T16:53:31-04:00 NAS SystemInfo.cgi: disk/disk_exceed_unc_thr_cache.c:28 Failed to get exceed unc thr from /run/synostorage/disks//sde/exc_bad_sec_ct 2017-10-23T16:54:09-04:00 NAS SystemInfo.cgi: disk/disk_exceed_unc_thr_cache.c:28 Failed to get exceed unc thr from /run/synostorage/disks//sde/exc_bad_sec_ct 2017-10-23T16:54:0
  8. SSHed in and tried to run the commands manually... I get this. admin@NAS:/$ sudo synoupgrade --download UPGRADE_DOWNLOADDSM New update has been downloaded admin@NAS:/$ sudo synoupgrade --start UPGRADE_STARTUPGRADE Start DSM update... Upgrade start failed or upgrade file is not ready Also tried: synoupgrade --patch /volume2/... it runs, but nothing changes.
  9. I am trying to update my baremetal build to DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8. I am currently on DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 1. But every time I try to update it, it fails with the error: Fail to update the file. The file is probably corrupt. I tried updating via the Update & Restore web gui section by pressing Download. Once downloaded, I press the update. It gets to 25% then fails. I tried downloading the file directly and updating it via the manual DSM Update and still fails. Any ideas?
  10. Currently running version 5.0-4458 with Nanoboot. Is there a way to upgrade to version 5.2 using the new XPEnoboot? Kind of confused on upgrade path. Thanks