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  1. HI, wanted to say thank you for your work. Working on HP N40L with onboard nic and added Intel 1000 dual GbE expansion card. flashed img to usb with new disks. installed, reboot, working great!
  2. hi all, thank you nighthawk for all your work on this so far. using your custom .img file i was able to get my n40l working with the onboard broadcom nic. Now, i understand build 2668++ (more hardware) has support for the intel 1000 nics which i would really like to use, but inserting the card into my unit its not recognized. im going to assume the img you provided was based off 2668 which did not include intel 1000 support, is that correct? what can i do on my part to rebuild this unit using 2668++ AND include your customizations to support the N40L? thanks! update: I tried flashing the 2668++ release and now the intel dual GbE nics are recognized. thank you for you work!