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  1. 1) Seems everything is ok (other than my present wireless/ISCSI not working). I noticed there is another new update "DSM 5.2-5644 update 1" available. Should this be done through the control panel? Which is the correct way of upgrading? 2) I have my data backed up, but i'm contemplating re-starting my Xpenology build, but I'm concerned about how I go about re-importing my disks/folders without having to start again. What is the correct way of doing this? 3) I'm referring to my mobile phones are unable to connect to the NAS via wireless. Which is really strange because it worked fine last week. (I dont remember if it worked before I upgraded to DSM 5.2-5644).
  2. Seems we're not supposed to update via the web interface, wondering what the difference is? Everything seems to work pretty good.
  3. I have 3 questions I would like answered if you can 1) I upgraded via the control panel to the latest version, should I be worried? Since I noticed the correct way to upgrade is completely different. 2)If I was to 'start fresh' how would I go about preserving my data on my disks, would Xpenology recognize the filesystem and just re-import them? 3)For some strange reason no wireless clients are able to access the NAS via the IP, I dont even get a ping reply. Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Well thats a crock of **** isnt it. One of the best features disabled :\ Any other ways of storing VM's on it?
  5. I'm new to the Scsi thing, but following guides online doesnt give me the same results. When I create an Isici LUN, it moves to the 'target' page page and doesnt give any mapped space? I'm on the very newest update.
  6. I upgraded to the lastest version a few days ago, it's been working fine. But today I cant access none of my windows file shares. I'm getting these errors in system events: Restarted several times. Any ideas? Another side question I have is, if I decide to reinstall can I re-mount my drives I created with Xpenology and still keep the data on them? Will be such a fiddle If I have to copy the data off the drives, mount them again and copy all the data across. Thanks.