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  1. How did you solve it? had to turn virtualisation on in the bios and it worked fine after that
  2. Managed to get it working , stupid windows firewall lol Has anyone got it working using a static IP address for the bridge connection. IE i need to have my host PC with a static IP but then have the virtual machine static also? And the synology static aswell.
  3. I can connect via its IP but it does not see it via the assistant. its is possible to set the virtual box's network IP statically without having to bridge?
  4. Wanted to get a HP N40L and use it as a HTPC media centre. Wondered if anyone is running the synoboot on a virtual machine on the N40L and what the performance is like. I like alot of the features of DSM i had a DS110J before it died so wanted to replace it with something like this but wanted the features of running a normal pc too.
  5. got past that error now , but cant get the synology assistant to find it.
  6. keep getting this error message. ive got windows 8 x64 os and i5 cpu
  7. 1) can this really be installed on a PC with the relevant correct drivers and operate as a NAS box. 2) does it always have to boot from USB and how long does this take? 3) does the HP N40L server install work well? 4) are there any videos of this running? Thanks in advance.