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  1. I want to get my USB external hard drive working with my HP microserver. I have a few questions: 1) do I need to do both steps? Ie add support for OHCI driver and copy across the kernel modules? 2) if so, which file do I need to modify in the kernel and how do you do this? 3) what's the best method for copying across the modules? It would be great if someone could post a step by step guide to doing this? Thanks Mike
  2. I have a few questions - I've been trying to do the above but no luck. How do you edit the file on the USB drive for step 1? How do you add files for step 3?
  3. How do I go about editing this? I have windows 8 so can't use the method suggested in this thread as the program doesn't work on windows 8
  4. There is an internal USB slot on the motherboard - just to the left of the four drive bays - just use an USB stick and keep it permanently in there out of the way - that's what I'm doing
  5. Would this help with external usb drives not being detected properly - so I can back up to a external USB drive connected to my HP microserver?
  6. I have DSM 4.2-3202 installed on my HP Microserver 54L. Everything seems to work fine, except I can't get an external USB hard drive to work - I want to use this to back up my data from my microserver to it The microserver recognises the usd hard drive under storage manager > HDD management but the status is "not initialized". If I go to backup and restore, the external USB drive is not recognised. It is also not recognised under control panel > devices and printers > external devices. The drive my original formatted as NTFS, and I've now tried ext3 - neither seem to w