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USB HDD -> VMWare -> XPE => internel HDD???

dark alex

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Ich have the following problem:

I am running XPE under vmware on a N40L.

Everything works well except one Problem:


Every time I plug a USB HDD into the Server and route it through to the XPE VM it will detect this HDD as internal drive.

Well... When I format it and create a share on it after the next reboot it is consodered as being uninitialized.


So... I can neighter set it up as an external drive nor use it as an internal one.

Whats the cause, what can I do?


I need to perform Backups ti this drive.


I have one sata port free so I could build the HDD into my device but that would require me to be able to use some kind of SCSI (like PVSCSI).

But as soon as I plug my HDDs in a PVSCSI Controller XPE will shutdown immediately after booting...

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