HP mediasmart ex495

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Hi All, whats the best version for my HP EX495. I don't use it a long time.


Thanks so much.

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working on this right now. Have it installed just fine, but the nic driver is broken. Loads RT8169 vs RT8168. Try to transfer a file and it will crash. Stock 1.02b loader from Jun will work just fine with latest pat manually or from web. Lets fix the nic driver please. Its the only thing messed up as far as I can see. This issue was present when 5.2 rolled as well. 


Does anyone know how to force the RT8168 vs RT8169 driver?  In 5.2 you were able to manually install the driver from realtek with a script. That script doesnt work with 6.1.2 due to the kernel changes and path changes is my understanding. 


Is this as simple as commenting out the driver somewhere. to force RT8168 on the headless EX495, EX490?


I have two of these units working fine in 5.2.5644

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