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Surveillance stations periodically stop working on DVA321.


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I recently built DVA321 using the GTX1650 D6 model.


My graphics card recognizes normally in DSM, everything works perfectly normally even at surveillance stations without network errors.


However, all functions related to human recognition functions stop every 2-3 hours.

Facial recognition works normally, but the function of detecting line passes, entering, and counting the number of exits that must be operated by recognizing people, stops.


In this situation, even if you enter the parameter adjuster function and use the preview function, you will fall into infinite loading and the preview function will not be activated.


When I shut down the surveillance station application and turn it back on, all functions work fine again, both entry exit count and line pass detection work.

However, after two to three hours or 10 to 15 previews using the parameter adjuster function, all functions except facial recognition are interrupted again.


To solve this problem, the loader was reinstalled, the monitoring station was reinstalled, and all functions except for the detection of the number of people leaving the entrance were stopped, but the same problem is still repeated.


If there was the same problem, I would like to know the solution.

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Self Answer


It was a system configured with AMD Ryzen 3600, but I changed the configuration to Intel Xeon CPU 24 hours ago and kept testing it. Every problem has been solved, such as recognizing the wrong place as a person and measuring the number of people in tens of thousands, not recognizing people anymore after a certain period of time, and the number of people being reset without notice. Perhaps it is a problem caused by AMD requesting unavailable commands as it is recognized as C3538 in DSM.

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