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You cannot login to the system because the disk space is full currently - what can I do? SSH enabled but permission denied. Telnet not enabled.

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Hi Guys,


My custom built i3 10th gen box works fine for about two years - until Thursday. I want to log in to my NAS, but received the following message: You cannot login to the system because the disk space is full currently. SSH enabled, but permission denied. All file services (SMB, FTP, Plex, Sync files app) down after restart - but before restart, everything worked fine, except the login to DSM via browser.

I found the following comment and the tutorial, but I'm a fully Linux noob.

I tried to read the instructions for mdadm , but I'm afraid I'll completely brick the system. I booted an Ubuntu live pendrive, I see my drives using the commands in the tutorial. However, I don't know how to proceed. I have four 3.6Tb drives, SHR-2 filesystem, I have sda, sdb, sdc, sdd, sde, sdf drives. I know I need to do something with /dev/md0 on all first partitions.

Can someone please write me a complete step-by-step tutorial? Or can you suggest me another way to take back the control?

Thank you!!!




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