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How to Full Volume Encryption on DS3617xs ?


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I just got a new machine DS3617xs installed with DSM 7.2-64570, with 8 HDD in RAID6+spare and 2 SSD for cache.


I'd like to use Full Volume Encyption on my main volume.


Thing is, when I add my volume, the menu does not ask to activate encryption (it should come just after "Select File System" (btrfs or ext4), but it doesn't.


There should be this menu, just after "Select File System" :


As far as I know FVE has been introduced in DSM 7.2-64561, as stated here : https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/69249-dsm-version-72-64561-released-the-official-version/


Do you know why this is happening ?

Do I have to install any package to have it ?

How can I achieve FVE ?


Thank you !




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  • 2lfa changed the title to How to Full Volume Encryption on DS3617xs ?

I just found the answer, DS3617xs does not support FVE since it's missing here : https://kb.synology.com/en-nz/DSM/tutorial/Which_models_support_encrypted_volumes


Now, can I reinstall my system to support FVE ? Can I switch model safely ? (I don't have any data on my disks yet)


This is a machine I bought pre-built, so I didn't do the install. Bear with me, I'm new here.

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